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Thermal Amazoni@ allows the visualization of thermal anomalies over the Amazon forests and adjacent intertropical oceans through a user-friendly interface based on Google Earth. In this web page you will also find some basic information related to this the tool, as well as a link to a ftp site for product downloads.

Thermal Amazoni@ is a low-cost project developed by the Global Change Unit and funded by the University of Valencia in 2014 (Project UV-INV-PRECOMP13-115366).


You can also follow the updates in Twitter: @jcjimenez_uv  #ThermalAmazonia

  • Products of thermal anomalies are updated every month. Last updates to the Thermal Amazoni@ system include ERA-interim products at 0.125º and MODIS LST products version 6. 

  • Land surface temperature is being measured over the vegetation canopy in the tower in Tambopata (Madre de Dios, Perú). See the "In situ" section for more details.

  • How to cite Thermal Amazoni@: see the References section.

Suggestions, improvements, funding, scientific collaboration... contact us!

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